March 22, 2019
Illinois overdose rate

Illinois is Leading the Nation in Opioid Overdose Deaths

Illinois is at the epicenter of the opioid epidemic, leading the nation in opioid overdose deaths. Banyan Heartland explores what’s fueling these Illinois overdose statistics and how to stop the worsening crisis.
March 21, 2019
binge drinking in illinois

Binge Drinking in Illinois by the Numbers

Having a few drinks with friends on the weekend might actually be binge drinking. Banyan Heartland shares insight on what constitutes as binge drinking, Illinois drinking statistics, and how to get treatment.
March 12, 2019
eating healthy in recovery

Eating for Sobriety – What to Eat in Recovery

When a person is consumed with addiction, they’re less likely to give their body the nutrition it needs. One component of recovery is finding the right foods to eat. Banyan Heartland explores what a recovering addict should eat and why.
March 1, 2019
detox from drugs and alcohol

How to Detox from Drugs and Alcohol Safely

When it comes to safely detoxing, there’s no quick fix. Detox is a process that can be incredibly dangerous if not done properly, so avoid at-home detox and trust the experts. Banyan Heartland provides inpatient medically monitored detox for drug and alcohol addiction. Here’s how:
February 26, 2019
St. Patrick's Day

Having Fun While Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Sober

Green beer, a green Chicago River, and an overwhelming number of alcohol-fueled celebrations. Staying sober on St. Patrick’s Day can be challenging, but it is possible. Banyan Heartland shares tips for a sober St. Patrick’s Day.
February 20, 2019
opioid epidemic

Lawsuits and the Opioid Epidemic in Illinois

As areas such as Chicago are growing, so is the number of opioid prescriptions in the state. Now, construction unions are fighting back against the growing opioid epidemic in Illinois by suing those they believe are responsible. Banyan Heartland offers opioid addiction treatment to help those affected get and stay sober.